About Me

Being a stay at home mom sounds luxurious, but in reality its filled with lots of chaos on a daily basis. I’m here to talk about the good and the bad; the pretty and the downright ugly. I love reaching out to people and trying to help any way that I can, so I thought this would be a good way to let parents know that your definitely not alone even when you feel like there’s no one else that could possibly feel the way that you do. I became a mother at 17 and have had a roller-coaster of experiences since then from a pre-mature birth at 27 weeks (Thanks to God for a healthy and way too big for her britches six year old that she is now,) getting married at 18 to my high school sweet heart, an unfortunate miscarriage, becoming a mother again to two little boys ages four and one, buying our first home, and the journey continues! I really just enjoy writing and connecting with people so please feel free to contact me about anything!