Pros And Cons of Being A Stay At Home Mom

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This is the ultimate question. Do you go back to work to help contribute financially? or, do you stay home and help contribute to the home? There are many ways you can work from home and do both for the Wonder Women of the world, but it can still be hard deciding which one you should do.

I’ve put together a list for you of (in my opinion) some pro’s and con’s of being a SAHM!

Stay at home mom-


You’re in charge

You get the satisfaction of getting to be the one who raises your kids. This way you’re able to teach them the responsibilities and morals that you want them to carry for the rest of their lives. Plus you get to bond with your baby on a personal level and understand everything that makes them who they are and who they will grow up to be


Most of the time being a stay at home mom can save you some money. The cost of childcare these days is insane! Depending where you live or what type of job you have in some cases you end up paying more in childcare than you bring in each month.

Seeing all of your babies firsts

You get to experience everything with your babies. From them sitting up for the first time to taking their first step. You get to be there for those magical moments time and time again.

Less stress

You get to be there to maintain the home, pay the bills, and make sure everything gets done in a timely manner while your husband/wife goes to work to provide the income. It’s satisfying to know that you don’t have to go to work all day then come home and do everything else that needs to be done with the house and your kids. You get to run your home like a well oiled machine! Who wouldn’t want that?!



It will eventually hit you. Especially if you’re used to being around adults everyday you will start to feel isolated. It’s good to have a support system like friends and family who live nearby so you can still have some social interactions with other adults. OR (don’t hate me for how cliché this sounds) get a hobby! Before I started blogging I bought a Cricut machine and made all kinds of crafts for my kids and the house. Occasionally even a gift or two! It’s fun and peeling the vinyl around the cuts is soooo satisfying! This is the one I use just in case you’ve been thinking about getting one, too!

Lack of socialization for your baby

This is something that is extremely important for your baby’s development. A lot of the time SAHM’s tend to stay cooped up inside of the house not realizing that it could be potentially harmful for not only you, but your baby as well. Take advantage of pretty days and go to the park or find a “Mommy and Me” play group! Doing this will help you and your baby be able to socialize with other people in your area which is awesome for both of you!

Decrease of income

Just as much as staying home can help you (by not having to pay for childcare, gas to and from work, and lunches) sometimes it can cause a financial strain as well. If you went from two incomes to one you may not be able to splurge the way you used to and you may need to create a strict budget and really stick to it which can be frustrating to get used to. You could always look into getting a work from home job. You’d be surprised at how many there actually are out there!


You can start to really feel bad as a mom when things don’t go the way you planned. Maybe you got really busy one day and didn’t have time to do all of the chores around the house or dinner didn’t get made in time. Even more so when money is tight and you feel guilty for staying home. It’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture when that guilt sets in. Keep in mind you’re doing a great thing for your family by always being there for them!


Motherhood and marriage are 24/7 jobs and you’re always on call (yes, even at 3 a.m.). You don’t get to call in sick or take vacations. No matter what you have to find the energy to be there for everyone all the time and it can be pretty overwhelming when you’re not feeling good or your just plain tired from the demand of it all. Don’t forget to talk to your husband or wife when you start feeling this way so you can make some time for yourself every once in a while. Even if it’s just to go take a well deserved nap!

Don’t worry, Mama. You’re doing great!

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