This Frog Urinal Is Awesome!

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Potty training is sh**.

Literally. I hate everything about it and I hate having to try to explain to my then three now four-year old why he shouldn’t want to pee and poo all over himself on a daily basis. Which you wouldn’t think is that hard right? Wrong. Sooooo wrong.

With our oldest it was a walk in the park. The first time I sat her on the potty she did exactly what I asked her to do and was so happy that I got excited about it that she wanted to do it all the time. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. So when we had Paxton I fully expected it to be the same routine, but I was very wrong.

I should take the time to mention that my middle child is a hardcore Mama’s boy. He wants me to cater to his every need every second of the day. So I partly blame myself for his lack in potty training interest. We started on his third birthday on one of those generic little plastic potty seats that you sit on the floor. We had some luck but he eventually out grew it. Then we moved to the toilet seat that you sit on top of your regular toilet and still there was nothing about it that made him want to do his business in it.

We tried potty pops and everything, but there was just nothing that made him WANT to go to the bathroom. After a while I got worried that forcing him to go would just make him less and less interested so we took a break for a while.

On top of all that I didn’t know how to explain to a little boy that he didn’t have to sit down to pee which is confusing as hell for him because he watches me pee and I’m sitting down. With my husband being at work all the time, as soon as he gets home it’s dinner and bed time so there wasn’t much room for lessons on standing up that would actually stick with him. So we decided I would just have to teach him sitting down at first and then we would eventually move to standing up when he understood better. I had been reading all these reviews about this “froggy urinal” for boys that you just attach to the bathroom wall and there is a little rotating “tongue” in it that they aim for and it spins! It looks like this:

I was pretty skeptical about it at first because I thought “Eww, it’s gonna spin and the pee will come back and splash him.”. I wound up buying it eventually just to try something new and SURPRISE! It doesn’t! I wasn’t thinking about how a toddler wouldn’t be able to pee with enough force that it slings pee everywhere.

It’s so cute, though! It came with a Command type hook so you can literally put it anywhere you want! When it’s time to clean it the light green part comes off so you can pour it in the toilet and wash it out. Which is awesome!

As soon as I got it hung up my son was freaking out wanting to try it, and I was so happy he was finally excited about peeing in something other than his pull up. It’s been weeks now and he still wants to go pee so he can “make the froggy spin”.

Final thoughts?

I really wish I would have bought it last year when we first started potty training and it would have made the entire process less of a headache. (at least for the peeing part) But hey, it’s still less pull ups to change because my child pees like 1545642156 times a day.

If you want to buy it you can click here or on the picture! I would HIGHLY recommend it if you’ve been struggling the same way I was!

Do y’all have any potty training tips? I’d love to hear them so I can try for myself!

Don’t worry, Mama! You’re doing great!

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