How I Turn A Bad Day Into A Great Day!

There’s days that I just wake up and I honestly just can’t find the will to do anything more than lay in bed all day and watch Netflix, but I have three kids and a husband so I can’t. Luckily I have a handful of things that always make my days like this way better!

Making coffee

I get my favorite coffee mug and fill it all the way to the top! It’s the best way for me to start my morning. Just the smell of it can completely change my mood!

Listening to music

Alexa has become my best friend here lately. I turn on some early 2000’s hip hop and me and the kids just have an all out dance party! Music plus coffee gives me the energy to get things done.

Cleaning up the clutter

I feel like I can’t even think when there’s stuff lying around everywhere. I get really anxious when I have to constantly move things around and step over stuff so this is a really big one for me. Once I get everything picked up it’s like a breath of fresh air.

Making lists

Much like the clutter in myx house that seems to be never ending. The thoughts in my head need to be organized too. So I break out my handy-dandy notebook and a pen and get to writing everything down that comes to mind. I love making lists and writing down my deadlines in my planner! Maybe it’s just the illusion of productivity, but hey whatever works!


This is more for when my gloomy days get mixed with anxiety. I like to get my thoughts onto paper no matter what they are that way they’re our of my head and out of the way!

Getting out of the house

Even if it’s just to go walk around the block fresh air will always do you good! Although I’m pretty sure it takes me longer to get the kids and our dog ready to go than the actual walk itself takes I still love it and so do the kids!

Going to the gym

This may actually be my favorite thing. I love the gym that I go to, though. There’s childcare, great classes so you never have to worry about working out alone or not knowing what to do, a tanning bed (my guilty pleasure), and best of all they have an infrared sauna! I can sit in there forever and enjoy every second of it. I’m always a fan of burning calories and losing weight while sitting there reading a book or listening to music.

Making a healthy dinner

Winding down to the end of the day and food is definitely on my mind. I like to pour myself a glass of wine while I get a chicken breast and some veggies ready to go in the oven! Eating a yummy dinner always makes for a great way to end the day. The wine is just the cherry on top!

Pampering myself

After the kids are in bed it’s mommy time! I turn the water as hot as I can handle and just stand under the water. I’ll shave my legs, wash my hair and use my favorite facial exfoliator! When I get out I put on a face mask and go lay in bed to catch up on my shows. By the time I rinse my face off I’m completely relaxed and ready to go to sleep! (I’m getting tired just thinking about it).

Doing everything or at least some of the these things keep me from just lying around all day feeling worse about anything that may be going on or just helping to perk myself up on a rainy day. What are some things that y’all do to make yourselves feel better on a bad day? I’d love to hear them so I can try them, too!


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