The Power to Forgive and How It’s Changing My Heart


Just like everyone else there’s a lot of things that have happened to me that have caused me to harbor some awful feelings towards people. Some I would even go as far as to say that I hated them and couldn’t care less if anything bad ever happened to them because as far as I was concerned they deserved it. I went on for years like this. Having great days then in an instant it would be ruined by someone bringing up a name. How funny is that? I would let someone steal my happiness just by saying someones NAME. I’m not here to open old wounds or make a list of people who have done me wrong so that I can call them out on it. No, I’m here to say that I have decided to give my soul peace; I decided to forgive.

Making this decision is changing my life in so many ways for the better. I no longer blame others for my unhappiness or for the misery that I decided to live in for so long. Instead I looked to God and prayed. Wouldn’t you know our amazing Father didn’t just give me happiness, he gave me the opportunity to create and spread it. Most importantly he gave me the opportunity to forgive and the power to make myself happy surrounded by His grace. I can honestly feel my heart becoming softer and more open with each day that passes and I see every morning the way it’s supposed to be seen; as a new day with new possibilities.

How awesome is it that I was even able to reach out and say a prayer for the one person that I never thought I would be able to. I know that damage has been done and I won’t be able to erase it, but at least now it can heal the right way.

I will always give thanks to God for being so patient with me and not giving up on me the way that I did on so many people. For loving me and showing me that there’s a better way. I look forward to my journey with God and what new and exciting things it will bring to my life. <3

“But when you are praying, first forgive anyone you

are holding a grudge against, so that your Father in heaven

will forgive your sins, too.”

Mark 11:25



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