A Letter to My Teenage Self

I know what you’re doing right now. You’re sitting in your room waiting for him to text you back. It seems like forever has passed and his name still hasn’t popped up on your screen. You get up and walk over to the mirror not at all liking what you see. “I’m so fat. My hair is so curly and frizzy. I wish my teeth were straighter and whiter. That’s why he’s not texting me back.” You walk back over and sit down to wait some more. The tears begin to fill your eyes because it just feels so hard and you always want to compare yourself with everyone around you. You fake smiles and laughs just hoping no one realizes how miserable you really feel. You wish your life was different, that your parents had more money, that you had trendier clothes and high-end make up. You tell yourself that tomorrow you’ll go run and stop eating so much junk food so that you can have a smaller figure. You’re thinking to yourself that having those things would make everything better and you would finally be happy. You give your value away time and time again whenever you give in to these thoughts. You don’t realize that everyone around you feels just as insecure as you do and everyone is just trying to get through it. I wish I could show you just how great your life turns out to be.

Please try to love yourself more and stop worrying about the things that don’t matter and focus more on whats in front of you instead of whats crowding your brain. Hug your parents more and tell your sister you love her. Pay attention in class. Be kinder to those around you and smile more. Like really smile and laugh, because I’ll tell you something; you’re husband loves your slightly crooked and not perfectly white smile. He loves the body that gave him his children, that crazy frizzy curly hair, and he loves you even when you’re hard to love.

And another thing that boy you’ve been so worried about does more than texts you back, he shows up to your house because he knows you and just wants to be there for you and with you. That boy becomes your husband and the father of your beautiful children and you build a beautiful life together.

Even though I know you wish you could change everything about your life right now; I beg you to please don’t change a thing.

(Except the bronzer.. please back away from the bronzer.)

With so much love, yourself. <3

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